Thursday, November 12, 2015

What Are The 4 Most Common Categories Of Content Writing?

Nowadays, with the online business on the rise, one will definitely encounter the term ‘content writing.’ In its simplest form, content writing means a written manuscript that is used for news, articles, blogs, forums, or reviews.
Website content writing services can also be any type of writing on the internet. While there are different types and categories on how to present it, the most important thing to remember is to make sure that only the right message is conveyed.  For example, a five hundred word text document about a certain topic can be written in different ways, but there will only be one or two specific ways that will fit the purpose perfectly.  An incorrect content structure will definitely miss the objective that it is supposed to be targeting.
Ghost Writing
Ghostwriting is one of the most popular website content writing services where the writer will not be taking credit for the work. The content will be used by another person and will be put under his or her name, hence the word ‘ghost.’  A perfect example of ghost written articles are SEO articles.  These articles are created by one person and are posted or used by another person for a blog.
Web Content Writing
Web content writing or marketing content writing, is a text document that describes products or services, and is widely used by businesses.  The main objective of the content is to sell or advertise.  The majority of this type of writing can be seen on websites that always explains and discuss the products of the business.  It is also used to encourage potential customers to know more about the business and what it offers.
Press Release Writing
This type of writing is mostly related to businesses because this gives updates and development news so that customers can be aware of what is happening, either with the business or the product itself.  It is also used when a product is launched, to inform customers of improvements or changes, new mergers of businesses, or new marketing programs.  However, press releases nowadays are often times connected to sales pitching or marketing news. Although, many businesses still try to stick to its original format, more and more companies are using them as a part of a marketing campaign.
Technical Writing
Technical writing is one of the toughest website content writing services because it is restricted to a particular process or complicated and technical models, where precise instructions or explanations are required.  This kind of writing is an attempt to educate the general public, who does not require expertise or additional advanced knowledge to fully understand a complicated process, product or ideas.  Technical writing is always directed to the common man.  A discussion between, let us say computer programmers can be understood by fellow programmers but definitely not a chef.  So the discussion should be leveled down to using the most common words possible so that a chef can understand how to operate their high-tech oven, for instance. 

Clearly, content writing is evolving into something that is quite different from where it started a few years back. More than providing information, it now takes the role of marketing the subject it carries.